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2003 Starsky & Hutch Slash Virtual Season Schedule

Episode Author Name AIRDATE Episode Title Episode Summary
Z3P-701 Lucy 5/20/2003 Death Before Dishonor Starsky and Hutch try to look into a neighborhood issue as a favor to Minnie, only to find themselves embroiled in a Covert Ops betrayal.
Z3P-702 Candy Apple 7/1/2003 Freeze-Frame When a prominent photographer is murdered, Starsky and Hutch are surprised to find themselves among her subjects. Meanwhile, Starsky tries to discover why Hutch doesn't want to go to the Fourth of July fireworks.
    8/12/2003 In Memory of Paula A collection of tributes in the memory of a friend.
Z3P-703 Hutchrules3 8/19/2003 The Mirror Crack'd After an exhausting working weekend, Starsky and Hutch receive some frightening news: his father has been assaulted by a psychotic patient and lies critically injured in a Duluth hospital. Despite the painfully fresh memories of Dr. Hutchinson's rejection, Hutch cannot deny his sense of family obligation, and the two detectives postpone a well-deserved vacation to fly to Minnesota. As they search for a patient whose paranoid madness is dangerously enhanced by a brilliant mind and a haunting trauma, Hutch struggles with the question of how to reconcile with his father--and whether he even wants to.
Z3P-T71 Special Treat Week 9/23/2003 Special Treat Week Treats from our art department.
Z3P-704 pepcidDC & Firefly 10/28/2003 Hell's Afire The burning reality is that someone's after the boys with deadly intentions. With no warnings, no clues, no leads, and no idea of the identity of the killer will Starsky and Hutch survive? One thing's clear--nothing will ever be the same again.
Z3P-T72 Special Treat Week 12/23/2003 Bag O' Holliday Goodies "Housewarming", a short story from pepcidDC & Firefly. Graphics from the art department.

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