Virtual Seasons

The Sentinel Slash Virtual Season by 5 Senses, Inc.
Slash Virtual Season for "The Sentinel".  One season complete;  season two in the works.

Fiction Archives

The Starsky and Hutch Slash Fiction Archive
Archive of Starsky & Hutch slash fiction, both 'net-posted and previously zine-published, plus links to other sites.

You Want Fries With That? Fan Fiction TO GO Archive
Fiction from various fandoms formatted for Palm computers.  Includes the S&H Slash Virtual Season.

Discussion Lists

Discussion list for the Starsky & Hutch Slash Virtual Season.  Hosted by Yahoogroups.

Venice Place
Starsky & Hutch Slash discussion list.  For more information, click the link above.

Starsky & Hutch adult list which welcomes both gen and slash stories and discussion.

Loveof MeandThee
A slash/gen fanfic list for those who love the team of Starsky & Hutch.

The Pits Fic
A slash/gen list which includes both fiction and discussion.

A GEN-only discussion list for Starsky & Hutch.

A GEN-only list for fans of our favorite blond.

A GEN-only list for fans of our favorite brunet.

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